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Hi! I am a Nursery teacher in Vietnam therefore I have all EAL students. Has anyone got any planning on the topic of Transport that they are willing to share? I would be most grateful for any action songs or just songs too. I am willing to share planning of mine if I have covered similar topics.

Many thanks


you can contact me via the forum or brennamilroy@hotmail.com

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Hello Brenna and a warm welcome to the forum. If you click on this link it will show an index of a range of topics related to transport which have been previously discussed.




or here is some planning from another site



It is nice to have members from such far away places, it would be lovely to hear about what your Early Years world is like. Look forward to getting to know you more. :D









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Dear Peggy,

Many thanks for the contacts concerning transport topic.

The Early Years world here is pretty much the same as back at home- resourcing,planning,etc all the same issues apply.

I am lucky that I only have 18 children: 2 Indian, 10 Vietnamese, 4 Korean, 2 Japanese and 1 Malaysian- quite an Asian mix. Our curriculum is British and so I plan against the ELGs but obviously I have to consider the EAL aspect of the work very carefully. I have 2 TAs, both Vietnamese with varying levels of spoken and written English ,which can be a challenge in itself.

However so far so good and I am guarenteed nearly everyday to be warm and sunny so outdoor play is never a big issue.

Once again many thanks for your suggestions.


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Song wise there is the wheels on the bus

five little men in a flying saucer

here we go walking down the road

on our way to london

let me know if you need the words i will have a go a typing them

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