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Well today began as a bad day :o as I worried about the inappropriate practice I see in some settings by dedicated and hard-working practitioners who are not able to work in the way they wish because of top down pressure, or in some cases are not really aware of appropriate practice. (I have been out moderating for the Pupil Profile) I remembered the Primary Strategy training day and being told that all my children should be acheiving the early learning goals by the end of Reception and there was no excuse if they weren't. Then...

I read the TES and in their supplement on the PS, there was an article by Sue Palmer talking about Lesley Staggs and Foundation Stage Learning. Now today is a good day, a very good day indeed :) Let's just hope that what Lesley Staggs advocates now happens. A few quotes are as follow;

'Early Years practice should be driven by the Foundation Stage Currculum Document.

She would not feel it appropriate to see children sitting down practising writing, and not all children may be able to write their letters by the end of the Foundation Stage.

Practitioners know their children best and should do what is appropriate for the children's stage of development.'


Now can someone tell OFSTED <_<

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