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Coin images are available from:



(may have to pay nominal fee)


http://www.senteacher.org/wk/addcoins.php (free printables)


http://www.dltk-cards.com/bingo/bingo1.asp (can create blank or pictorial bingo cards -there isn't a money one so I think you'll have to create a blank and make the coin pictures separately)

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I've had a few goes with this one... problem is there are not enough coins in to offer the variety in base boards where the children sont all win at the same time. Have you though about sorting?matching activities?

I made a money mat for my beebot and pixi. We have the large money coins from Beam (or use the real thing) chidlren pcik a coin and have to program the beebot to that coin.

We also play who wants to be a millionaire where the contetant wears the millionaire hat, chris tarrant (aka me) holds up a coin and they have to say what it is. They have large promt cards for ask the audience/ phone a friend and 50/50. We use this idea with lots of key concepts for numeracy.


I think I ahve a money powerpoint somewhere I will try to hunt it out. Have you also thought about sparklebox? they ahve a money section too

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Hi Marion -

Thanks for this. I've removed the attachment - since you've given the link and it's downloadable from the TES site I think that is the best way to access it. The original author can then be more aware of how many times it's downloaded, and I think it's only fair that they remain in control of where it is made available. :)

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