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Not sure if this is the correct place to put this.


My wonderful, life saving teaching assistant is in her final year of her foundation degree (we are in a reception class). She has recently been given an assignment that is based on linking PD with PSED (teaching either through the other!). She has asked me for support, but as this is my first year teaching foundation after 5 years in KS2, she knows more than me anyway (for which I am eternally grateful!).


I'm hoping there are some practitioners out there who can offer advice, as I feel I am letting her down a bit. :o


Here's hoping!



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Guest tinkerbell

How about simple team games thaTare PE but link to cooperation ,turn taking,shaRing etc

A lot of parachute games (PE) have PSHCE themes of turn taking,sharing,co-operation etc


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I teach parachute activities as PSE!


Both are often inherent in other focused activities.


You could do some cooking---food relating to other cultures or festivals (PSE) and show how this relates to fine motor skills, use of tools, coordination etc.

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along with the cooking idea, not to forget that PD is also about health, so healthy choices of foods etc. also self care / independence (PSE) dressing undressing for PE.(PD). Another aspect is mental health ( PD) linked to self worth, self esteem, sense of belonging, sense of self (PSE), team games (PD) the two development areas link really well in many aspects. :D



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A couple of suggestions to start off


PSE8 Work as part of a group or class, taking turns and sharing fairly, understanding that there needs to be agreed values and codes of behaviour for groups of people, including adults and children, to work together harmoniously.


• Share snacks.


• Circle games, eg, The farmers in his den.


• Work together to produce big pieces of work, eg a collage, a display.

• Work together co-operatively and take turns , eg using large apparatus, outside toys.

• Learn to use equipment and apparatus safely and with consideration for others, eg carrying scissors correctly.


• Parachute games.



PSE10 Dress and undress independently and manage their own personal hygiene.


• Teach the importance of hygiene through daily routines: washing hands before snacks, after using the lavatory, before handling food.

• Develop children’s self help skills: hand washing, going to the toilet, putting on coats and shoes, taking off clothes for PE – break down into small steps if necessary.

• Encourage children to help each other with difficult tasks, eg tying.

• Selection of different clothes and shoes with different fastenings in the role play corner.

• Use of a fastening cube to practice different fastenings.

• Dressing and undressing dolls.

• Bathing dolls.

• Washing clothes.

• Setting up role play corner into a hairdressers, dentist, launderette, baby clinic.

• Encourage independence in personal care and helpful attitudes towards each other

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Thank you for all your help - I will discuss these ideas with my TA, and we will put them in the planning!

Can I just say what a fab website this is, especially for us Foundation Stage newbies! :D

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