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Does anybody out there have any ideas for creating play trays? I've heard loads about them, bought some trays, and then found myself void of ideas (I think I used up my creativity over Christmas).


All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I presume you mean the building trays :o

if so we had ours out today with the 'snow' from TTS with the diggers fork lifts tractors etc

We also have them with soil or sand and pebbles big and small.

Weve had creepy crawlies out with compost or just spoons and pans and water with soil or compost.

Shredded paper with animals.

Cornflour misture

Ice mountain


spagetti - cooked

Rice - pans etc or pouring

we use it to set out small world scenes-we use the mats to fit the trays from TTS

The list goes on and on and on ........ sorry tired will add tomo :)

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We have put cous cous in our Tuff spot for the first time this week, the children LOVED it!! We added water and they made 'dough balls' Jamie Oliver would be proud of!!

Tomorrow we are putting tractors in with it....


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