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I wonder if anyone can help me? As you know the pre-school where I work has moved this weekend into a brand new building. The supervisor has worked for 4 years to get this project off the ground. I have organised a collection for the supervisor and i am about to go and get her a bouquet of flowers etc ready for tomorrow! The committe have also arranged a plaque, and a bench to go in the garden etc etc. As the deputy who works 5 supervisory sessions a week I feel that all the other staff should also have a 'thank you' so i have bought them all a 'spaceform' glass token with thank you and 3 kisses on (very cute and lasts longer than flowers) as they have also sacrificed pay rises, made donations of their time, energy and given their support even though it has been a real struggle at times!! sorry waffling on (tired and emotional), Has anyone got a nice poem or saying I could put in their thank you cards?


Thank you in advance.

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heres a few :D


Thank you for the smile

I get from you each day

Thank you for the love

You always send my way


Thank you for the time

You always have for me

Thank you for the love

That you made me see


Thank you for your words

You're always kind and sweet

But most of all I thank the Lord

That you and I had a chance to meet


thank you for being a true friend

If I could go up to the sky,

I'll bring down the rainbow

Write your name on it,

and place it back to the sky,

and let the whole world see,

How colourful my life has been,

with friends like you.


Thanks for being a friend




There is no way

I could repay you.

For the kindness

you have spent.

There is no gift

I could give to you,

too let you know

just how much it

truly meant.

For all the things

large or small

that you so unselfishlessly do.

Please know that

you have my deepest appreciation.

"Your an Angel",


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