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Guest Denno

Hello! I'm new to the group & to nursery & I desperately need your help. I have the task of setting up & planning for outdoor provision in our nursery as so far it hasn't happened. We are inner city & a deprived area. I'm hoping to avoid any pitfalls & get it right 1st time. I want to read up on the rationale behind outdoor learning environments & its provision and any specific studies or research, especially relating to gender, SEN & language development :o , so that I'm fully informed. Can anyone point me in the right direction for published literature or research documents to help with the planning, setting up and future development. (As you will have realised I'm not early years trained!!!)

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Hi Denno -

Welcome to the forum! :D


Sounds like you have your hands full with this project! How did you find yourself allocated to this, if you're not early years trained?


There are two more or less standard texts that are probably good starting points - not specifically to do with the environments, but more to do with what children get out of outdoor play. You can find details here.


We have had many discussions on outdoor play here. These range from how to do it, to how much time a setting should spend with it available. Probably the best thing for me to do is give you a link to some search results which you can browse through. You can find the page here.


When you get more specific questions, just post them and we'll see if we can help! :)


Best wishes,


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