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Hi all


Need some help again...


Need to do an easter service with my little ones, (2 1/2 - 5). Trouble is this year as we are still waiting for Ofsted i hav'nt even started to practise our usual play.


Has anyone got any simple straightforward ideas i can use that will take the minium organisation, practise etc as i cannot think about anything too complex this yaer.


Thank you :o

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Something along the lines of new life, maybe? Thank you God for all the baby animals? That sort of thing.

You could have them making rabbit masks and wearing them to the song "Have you seen the rabbits sleeping 'til it's nearly noon?"

You could also do something plant related......bulbs growing, and so on. Lots of scope for artwork for the children to hold up :o

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I'd go along woth Helen on this.


Many years ago I wrote a Spring song with my children that goes like this


Leaves on the trees

Birds singing.

Flowers growing,

Bluebells ringing.

Blossom falling from the tree,

We're so happy it's Spring.


The tune was 'Carillon' by Sky, quite obscure I know. But we did use it for a similar situation. May be it'll help?????????? :o

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:o My little brain cogs have been whirring slowly ( well it is SUnday! :D )


I have just thought of celebrating new life for your Easter play - I had visions of all the little lambs in fields and fluffy little chicks and I rushed here to tell you :D and found xD Helen has beaten me to it!

Instead I will now say I think Helen's idea is great. Do let us know what you decide and of course how it goes. :D:D:D

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Thanks guys


agreed with the chairperson today we would not do a play (ofstedsfault) but go along the lines of bunnies/chicks with the littlys singing, then the older ones holding up letters with pics of spring or easter and saying a few words.


will let you know how it turns out.


Just need to think about what to say with the letters..... :D

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Hi Hali , sorry you're still waiting :o It's not really Spring in Dorset either -but there are lots of daffodils!!.


I am not planning a play but I will give you an idea of what I will doing !!!!


The children will be able to make Easter bonnets, and then I hope to combine 'music time'with a little Easter Parade. When I say 'Parade' they will actually (well hopefully) be sitting down, wearing their bonnets, crowns or whatever they have made !!! Then we are going to have a little sing song of Easter songs e.g. hot x buns, 5 little ducks and any other ones I think they can learn between now and then! We are also having an Easter cake sale that morning, so hopefully parents will come in early to watch 'music time' and then buy some cakes !


Need to go and find a site for ideas for Easter songs, unless anyone can think of another one or two for me!


All the best Hali !!


Janice xD:(:(

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