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Mini Classroom Role Play


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Does anyone have a plan for a mini classroom role play area? You know pretend register, teaching area, chairs etc so children can role play the school day / teacher etc. Looking for some inspiration!!


Katie XXX :D

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my children initiate this quite happily themselves as long as they're allowed to use 'my' stuff i.e. they like to sit where I sit for carpet-time and use the whiteboard pen to write on the board - they act out the whole carpet-time routine that I would go through. Some organise others to be the pupils, others are just happy to be in the role of teacher whether or not anyone is listening.


Observing them does provide a good opportunity to assess their independent skills as they re-enact parts of our routine such as clapping the beat of the leader's name, looking at the initial letter sound etc.

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This is a wonderful self-initiated theme for role-play and they will just do it themselves. Observe what they do and plan in retrospect- observe and analyse.

The most creepy and amusing thing is when they become 'you'.

Alternatively gather the children together and get them to 'mind-map' what they would like to do and what they need.

I'm going to move this inot the role-play forum.

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Welcome to the forum Katie :D


I agree with others, my children ( preschol) often re-enact my role, even to the point of saying the little rhyme I use to get their attention at story time. :D


I'm curious, has this idea come from observing the childrens interest/initiative into this type of role play or is it just an idea you want to develop?


If the latter, once this type of play emerged after I asked one of the children to 'read' the story one day ( he was being particularly disruptive at storytime and this was a diversionary tactic on my part :o ), anyway, he responded to the challenge very well, but had us in stitches because he did a very good impersonation of me, ie: at one point whilst he was 'reading' the pictures and a child started talking to his friend, he closed the book and looked at the child saying " Tom, listen with your ears and when I open the book, look with your eyes" ( my saying is similar just look with your eyes, listen with your ears). We were very impressed with his additional "When I open the book" :)


This incident provoked lots of teacher imitation role play over the following few weeks. xD




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