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Another Planning Nightmare!


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Well, the plans for the baby unit are finally in place. I spent much of the last week of last year going through them with my colleagues, making sure they knew what to do and how they worked.

Got a few funny looks about some of the changes, like the introduction of codes (thanks Dawn :o ) but generally the response was quite positive.


Today, however, I am being told that we need to be doing focus activities with the older children. They range in age from 12 months to 2 years. I am not allowed to use a specific sheet for planning these and to be honest, I'm not sure if I should be doing focus activities with the younger children anyway. I will do them though as that is what has been asked.


Any thoughts on this one, or am I getting it wrong again?? xD

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I think it depends on how you define and plan these 'focus activities'. If you are following children's interests to allow them to further develop something you have observed them engaging in/with, then that would seem great, following their lead, etc, but more a narrative kind of account of what happened etc - really more the kind of observation you might make of heuristic play, which in turn would give you indicators for next steps, in a loose way, rather than a specific planned activity. (Wow!! Long sentence!!)


Does that make any sense at all???


Reading it back, it seems I'm advocating using varieties of heuristic play as 'Focus activities' - I'm a big fan of heuristic, so please bear with me. I also work mainly with Pre-school, so may be talking out of my bottom!!!!! ( :o:(xD )




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I dont think you be doing'focus' activities either for the under threes!

You could plan for their interest tho and needs.

For instance little johnny loves trains but doesnt like to get his hand sdirty so isnt keen to try the craft area but Id bet he might like to run his trains thru the paint and make tracks.

Lots and lots of sensory activites.

Or you may have a biter who is teething so a treasure basket that she could cool her gums on or a 2 year old that is just learning about sharing so an adult would be there to support him.

They also need lots of opportunity to practise their gross motor skills so you could plan for that and have a focus activity where you wash the big cars or have a simple circuit in your playroom etc

Stand your ground how long in advance do you have to plan these focus activities,should be daily weekly at the very most and show flexibility

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Agree with other comments, just not sure what yours or your bosses interpretation of 'focus activities' is/are?? :o


Could you explain a bit more of exactly what they are expecting?



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