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Hello everyone, not long until Christmas.

Am just thinking about planning for next term and am a bit stuck!

Am doing the topic of 'moving toys' with my reception class, got lots of ideas for activities

but a bit stuck on ideas for role play area.

The year one teacher is doing a 1950's topic where she looks at old toys and so is

having a toyshop as her roleplay, which would have been perfect for my class

but we can't have the same apparently!

So has anyone got any other ideas?

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Thats a shame the toy shop role play would have been fun. What about a toy assembly role play area. children could design and construct moving vehicles etc. childrens designs could be displayed alongside photgraphs of the childrens models. Hope this helps.

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Hi I've moved this topic into the role-play area.

I like the ideas already mentioned. You could have a toy design area and building area and even a repair area or hospital. You could look at different types of toys, sorting by type, wheeled toys, soft toys, figure toys etc. You could bring in ICT with robotic toys like Roamer, Pixie or Bee bot and remote controlled toys. I think I would start with asking them what their favourite toy they got for xmas was- you could draw/paint or collect and sort them into sets- counting most of least of and make a bar chart.

You can show them how to make simple pop-ups and see what they come up with on their own. enhance the constrution area with wheels and art straw etc. Hmm this sounds really exciting.

Another, different idea, is to use those books by Jane Hissey. Jolly Snow would fit in with winter as well, and you could derive your role-play from one of those stories as they are full of idas and questions for solving.

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Another, different idea, is to use those books by Jane Hissey.


Yes, we look at the art work in the Jane Hissey books and get the children to paint their own pics from a selection of soft toys.

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