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Hi has any one any ideas on planning,our topic this month is senses, i am new to this so any ideas would be great. thanks

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Hi Lily

Just a couple of ideas for Senses. We went on a sound walk. Each child had a sheet with pictures of a lorry, cat, dog, bird, car, people etc and the children had to listen and tick any item they heard. For sight we looked at a kaleidoscope then used a kitchen roll tube to play i-spy.

Hope this helps.


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We had senses as our theme a few terms ago.


One of the things we did was to put different smelling foods into paper cups which we covered with kitchen paper. We made a litle hole in the paper and got the children to smell the pot.


Children were asked if they could identify the smell and/or if they liked the smell.


We continued this later by having the same foods available for tasting.


Off the top of my head we used lemon, garlic, oranges and cheese. (Allergy aware at all times).


We created a graph which we ticked for tastes we liked


Most of the children tried most of the foods.

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How about a smelly tree? a small branch, some bits of cotton squares, they can put things in them before hanging it on the tree. Our children put herbs, cheese, spice, aftershave... the list is endless.

For taste we blindfolded a child during carpet time and got them to hold their nose, we then placed an 'opal fruit/starbrust' in their mouth and asked what they could taste..nothing... they can not taste the sweet until they let go of their nose and then they get the full taste very quickly. Our children love it.

Smelly paint... just add a few drops of cooking flavour into the paint, the sand tray, water tray.

Add sand to the paint to add texture. Get them to paint with blindfolds on, with the paint brush in their mouths. Spice pictures, you just need paper, glue and spices.

Mashed potatoes with food colouring is an interesting one to try the children did not know what they were playing with, how about not quite set jelly?

I used sound clips on the internet and put them on a disc for the children to listen to, it was amazing what they thought they could hear... from animals to running water...door bells etc.

Hope this helps. If you are still a bit stuck email me and i'll send you some things.


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Hi Lily,


We did this topic last year and had great fun. We did fruit printing, made fruit salad, collages of eyes, ears, hands etc cut out of magazines. I cut up different textured materials into small squares and the children made 'feely' books. We made binoculars and drew self portraits using mirrors. I made playdough using granary flour and added different scents and colouring to cornflour gloop. I have a 'sock game' I play with the children where I put different toys in a sock and they take turns to feel it and guess what it is. Guess the musical instrument from the sound game. Blindfolded obstacle course with the children helping each other - need lots of supervision though!


Carol :)

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hi there

for the sense of hearing we took film canisters and filled them with different types of beans/ beads etc and varying amounts.

We made sure we did two of everything and that way the children could try and match up the sounds that were the same.


For touch we laid down a texture walk. :o The children walked barefoot over bubble wrap/ sandpaper/ fur/ gravel etc. They really enjoyed the different experiences and it was good to help them to see that it is not just our hand we feel with.


We have visually imparied children in our school so it offered lots of chance to explore and talk about what this means. A friend lent me her son's dog costume (IKEA :D ) and we role-played one child being a guide dog and the another being visually impaired (blindfolded) we then went on a walk to discover what it is like without the sense of sight xD


Hope you are finding plenty of ideas, have fun


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