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I am an early years teacher in Prague. Our school does not use the Eprofile as i dont think we can. Can someone confirm this? We have made our own Foundation Stage Profile but it is sometimes difficult to assess what stregnths and weaknesses we have in our department.


So is there any other foreign teachers who use the eprofile or can someone offer me an idea how it could be used abroad??????????


Thanks you


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Welcome Graeme, there is a member called 'John Russell' who is an e-profile expert on the forum, he may be able to help ???


I tend to use a class overview sheet from lancsngfl where I can see at a glance where the gaps are. The Year 1 teacher also found it more useful than having the booklets. I've attached the link if it's any use to you


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Hi Graeme


eProfile is just an electronic recording tool for the FSP. As the software is available on a web page for download there is, I suppose nothing to stop anyone downloading it and using it. It really depends on how close to the UK FSP your own version is as the statements/areas, etc. cannot be edited. There is, of course, no LEA support to call on if you get stuck!


The way in which you would use it abroad would, I think, be exactly the same as here - as a recording, planning and analysis tool.





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