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This may seem like a really strange request, but once again, I am preparing for another assessment at uni :o .


Basically this one is the parents and carers module and we have to enlist the help of a parent within the setting to plan and carry out an activity which celebrates cultural diversity.


Despite working in the baby unit, I feel that it would be better to carry out an activity with the pre-school children, and so I decided to carry out a cooking activity with my chosen parent. My parent is from Ghana and although willing to help, is coming up with all these very difficult recipes for the children to follow. I wanted something relatively simple though, that meant I could get the ingredients readily and the activity would cover all 6 areas. Does this make sense?!


Anyway, I am basically asking for your help because although my parent means well, the ideas she is coming up with are, in my opinion, too much for the children, especially those with no prior knowledge of this particular culture. I was hoping for maybe a cake/biscuit kind of recipe from Ghana that I could use.


Done a Google and keep drawing a blank. Your help, as always would be gratefully appreciated!


Thanks in advance and anticipation!!!

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Hi clare, I just caught up with this one. I have sent a message out to my friend who lives in Ghana but connections are pretty lousy where she is so dont hold your breath.

Quite different cuisine from the southern parts of Zambia where I lived, Id say the most obvious thing to do would be fufu balls..this is more or less the yam equivalent of mashed potato balls, and the process is the same.


you'll find the recipe



Lots of Ghanain food seems to contain nuts or in the case of plantain, needs deep frying.


I would suggest if you go with the fufu balls, have a go yourself first, yams can be a bit of an acquired taste if you've never had them before (yam chips...oooh lovely!!!). I would except most places will have a supermarket or local market that sells yams.

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Can I suggest that rather than having a 'cooking' activity, that you just engage this parents expertise in introducing the children to 'foods from Ghana' , and have a tasting session. this way the parent can share a variety of her interesting recipes, maybe talk about and show the children the various ingredients used within the recipe ( a wonderful opportunity to discover various spices, fruits, etc etc) and then just enjoy the discussions derived from the 'tasting' following the childrens comments and questions.



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Thanks everyone for all your suggestions and help! This assessment has had to go on hold now until we return to nursery in January, as I've got lots going on at work, plus I'm knee deep in exam revision, so I apologise for not checking in sooner! All the links look great and I have saved them in my favourites for a proper nosy later!


Thanks again!

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