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Can anyone help


What policies do you have for your baby units?


Can anyone share any- Im so stuck, Phoned up our early Years and they said they will get someone to call but they arent back now until after christmas!! Can you imagine someone calling the Nursery and saying the same We wouldnt get away with that would we!

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Care learning and play

Bottle warming/food and drink/nutrition/allergies

Nappy and toileting/hygiene

Sleep/sleep check

SEN and inclusion


Birth to three matters

Health and Safety


Parent partneships/feedback



I think mostly all your overarching policies with some specifics to things that you will only find take place in baby room


Hope this helps x

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Hi sharon

just read your message if you log on to www.schoolpolicy.co.uk they have a wide range of policy's that you can access and alter as you wish free of charge. If they do not have the policy you are looking for you can request it. Brilliant website. hope it helps. Michelle

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