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Childminder Planning For Bttm


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Hi all!


I have posted this here rather than the BTTM forum as I need specific help with this...

I have been asked to do some BTTM training with some childminders and want to focus on appropriate activities, planning, observations and record keeping (mainly for Ofsted purposes) I have loads of examples for nurseries but want specific childminder ideas/input.


I'm sure that the childminders are already doing a lot of good quality practice with this age group, but they think that they are either not keeping enough information or keeping far too much (same as Day Nurseries, I guess?)


Have any of you got examples or ideas of planning/observations that you do (and that Ofsted like??!)


Any ideas/suggestions gratefully appreciated!

RB x

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I am a childminder and I have really struggled with Birth to Three.


The best training I received helped us to put Definitions for each for the 16 areas into a language we understand. We did this in groups using the info on the cards in the BTTM packs.


The training I wish I had received would show me how to record my observations in a way that shows I have used BTTM. I have ended up designing a form with 16 boxes where I record what parts of an activity link with points of BTTM. I try to do one a week for each child for just 1 activity (which may only cover 5 of the points). I don't know what Ofsted will think of it but it works for me.


I think the problem for us childminders is that we do our planning in our heads and we often know our children so well that we know what they need and want without really considering it. I have found it hard to put this down in writing.


My first BTTM course scared me and I considered quitting childminding as it was overwhelming. The tutors who kept it simple and made it clear we were probably already doing the work but not on paper reassured me.


Hope this helps



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