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Well, I have left my next presentation right until the last minute... :( but then again, I have been away over the weekend celebrating my birthday xD !


Basically I need to write a presentation based on one outside agency/external professional that comes into the setting to support either staff, children or both. Trouble is, I don't know who to write about and it is due in tomorrow :o .


Other than the Sensory Support Team, we don't really get any outside agencies coming in. I haven't managed to get in touch with the woman from SST so I don't really know what her role is. Obviously it is to support the child with the visual impairment, but I don't know what she does when she is there. The visually impaired child is in the pre-school room whereas I am based in the baby room.


I did consider writing a presentation about Health Visitors, but I've only ever worked in one setting where a Health Visitor was allocated and I never saw her visit the setting.


Really, what I'm after is some inspiration. Who would be a good agency/professional to write about? I don't want to write about SENCO's because I've got a feeling there will be lots of those kinds of presentations (many of my classmates work with children with SEN), and also Ofsted.


I could really do with a quick response as it is due in tomorrow and I need to write it, so any help (and I know its asking a lot) would be really gratefully received.


Thanking you in anticipation

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Guest tinkerbell

I don't know who visits your setting Clare.I am based in school.

Do you have a nurse? or a community policeman/woman?

Sorry I am not very helpful


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cannot help but think that you need more time for this!!


how about speech therapy, when we notice problems we refer to them they come and assess and recently with so many speech problems have sent a therapist in once a week to do a session with the children. You would need to research this in your area though as each is different


early years support teacher perhaps may be one you could use.


lots more come in , research would be necessary for your own area








agree never seen a HV even with one allocated to us!

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I'd go with Inge's suggestion, the EYAT, only because I saw mine a lot last year.


Maybe research on how the role came into being.


I was a preschool advisor working for LEA, made redundant in 1998 to make way for the EYAT, needed QTS to be an advisor, linked to governments 10 year strategy, first phase to have a teacher advisor for every 10 settings.....................................this is now being developed by the CWDC, with the introduction of transformation funds to develop the workforce to include graduates delivering the EYFS curriculum, EYATs in my area are already changing job roles to be more involved in training ( although did this at the start ) and being more involved in QA assessments of settings which will feed into the EYAT training plan for the future, their roles are developing towards more external training and as SIP's School (meaning preschool) Improvement person.


Obviously as others have said, research your area. Your EYAT roles may be totally different to mine.



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Are you part of the PSLA? We often have a support worker come in to give advice, we also have help from our EYDCP and there are people like your area SENCO or equal ops person. We often have visits from the local health visitors how about school teacher from your local school?


Is any of those any good?



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Hi we have a lady who comes in to advise on English as a second language (ELA). She is employed by the council but brings us books, computer progs ideas and best of all support. She is often in all session for a child and works with them to find their interests and sorts out how we can help them to understand us;.


She started us doing picture timetables, non verbal warnings for tidy up which are understood by all etc. a wonderful lady.

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