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How Do You Become A Childminder?


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im currently a preschool supervisor, but i am beginning to think that i would like to turn my hand to childminding. Please could someone advise me on how i go about this (i have nvq3) and also let me know if childminders have to cater for all age groups, or can the specify the age range they would like to care for?



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My friend is a childminder Laura and I think she went through the local authority to become registered. She had to pass certain criteria and have her house kitted out with certain stuff e.g. fire blanket, secure gates. She has a range of age-groups but mainly pre-school. I have found some info if you want to find out more click on the links below. Your local childminding network should be able to inform you of courses,etc too . She is OFSTEded more often than a school is, every year I think. She has to write policies for everything, it's as stringent as a school/nursery setting, it's by no means easy. She also makes the most of attending local mother/toddler groups to make contact with others and she finds this helps add to her range of activities on offer







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Hi Laura - I do both!

Was registering as childminder when the preschool supervisor post came up!

I work 6 sessions at preschool and do loads at home :o don't we all!

If you go to


you should be able to find a link for your local childcare information service if you don't already know it.

You usually need to attend one or two 'briefing sessions' before you can do anything else. Ofsted come out to inspect your home and ask questions about the standards.

You then need to pay public liability insurance and join NCMA if you wish and pay to register (about £14 I think)

You can specifiy totally what age group you want to cater for.

You can also get accredited to draw the Early Years Funding from the government.

good luck and buzz me if you have any questions

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