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Hi Laura,


I just contacted my local feeder schools and ask how they are using phonics. Our local schools use jolly phonics and use different signs to descibe phonics


eg- M m the letter M has the phonic sound mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and the sign is rubbing your tummy,


It is a fun way of doing it and the kids love it, but your lower schools may do something different.


Net xx


Also, we don't add it into the planning because we use the phonics all the time.


mmmmmmmmmmm monday

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Have you got the document 'Playing with Sounds'? If not you can order a free copy from the site below. It is a key document which sets out the order in which sounds are best taught and there are lots of games/ideas which are progressive. I'm not sure what age range you are in but in school settings/FSU it is advised that there is a daily phonics session - we tend to do 'short bursts' but more than once a day if we can...not possible at the moment due to so many christmas practises!



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Guest sandcastles

i work in the foundation stage room and we also feed in to many differen schools. we use jolly phonics with our children and we have a sound of the week each week. we then extend the sound of the week by asking the children to think of words beginning with the sound of the week or ryhming words and sound of the week kims game. with the Jolly phonics books they have a sound on each page for the children to trace with their finger. :D

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