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Morning, everyone.


Hope your weekend was lovely and restful...the builders were at our place over the weekend, so I had a lovely dusty surprise this morning at 7.00 - inch thick dusty floors.


Apart from complaining about the joys of builders (sarcasm surely isn't the lowest form of wit), I'd like to ask for some advice from the sage members of this forum:


I want to overhall the current system of the transition to reception from the foundation stage we have in place at this setting, and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions. The current thing we do (which I just continued when I first came here) is that we have stepping stones chart which the room leader ticks off when the child reaches it (with evidence), a colour recognition chart and a set of 'what i like' sheets which the children do with adult help. Altogether it's pretty unimpressive and I'd love some suggestions of how we can improve it.


Lots of thanks..




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Our LEA provide us with a form to complete that all settings have to do . Makes it simpler for everyone to be sending the same to schools. it is changed added to and developed each year in consultation with all who deliver foundation stage, this year there was more space for parent input which some liked others put that they could not add anything more, some left it blank.

sorry cannot be more specific.



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