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I'm new to my school as one of 2 reception teachers, and for the past few years the fs has really stuggled. There's been a complete change-over of staff in the last 2 years, and it was decided to integrate fs1 and fs2 to make a foundation stage unit.


Some of the staff who were here last year have been very against it, and now the fs1 teacher has come out and said that she doesn't want to integrate the 3 classes - even though this is what has been agreed with the head/governor/advisors involvement.


I'm just wondering if anyone else has come up against similar difficulties and how they overcame them. I can't see a way forward with this, even though I can see that other fsu's are working really well. How did you do it?!!


Anyone able to share?

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Well my experience, is......

We set up the FSU in September 2006, it's hard work initially, and our early years advisor said give it two years before your settled, and things are running smoothly.

We have had difficulties, some staff have found the change very hard to deal with, and it's a big open space, so noise levels, being outdoors, etc have been hard to deal with for some.

On the plus side, it's a far more flexible side of working. Although we don't break with the rest of the school, we work well as a team. The children can access far more. The children settled into Reception from Day 1, no tears at all.

The children have integrated really well, and the Reception are great support for Nursery, especially those young 3 year olds who have tears.

I find it a much better way to work, and you really get to know your children and what interests them. You have far more time to make observations, and we all tell staff of any child developments, mis-behaviour, what's worked well in child initiated play etc

It's a much better way of working. It won't happen overnight and we're still in the very early stages but I would never want to go back to Reception class teaching.

The sharing of resources is absolutely fab, as you can offer the children so much more!

It's also nice to share carpet sessions for singing, story, nativity practice, etc

I would say visit other units, with the staff who are not keen to change, take a list of questions about worries you have (I did!) and get everyone involved.

Work together as a team, and let everyone know what is expected of them, etc. People have responded to me by making suggestions on how to improve areas, we've moved things around loads, but that's great, everyone feels ownership for the unit.

Hope this helps

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It certainly helps if everyone is onboard but as Becky says seeing it working often converts those who have doubts. Although we work as a great team my NNEB spent 2 terms convinced that we'd change back to the way we worked before. Having seen how much better it is for the children all the doubts have disappeared.

Visit othe units if possible ....together good luck

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Well that is a really brilliant avatar Marion but I thought your other one was absolutely lovely. I see Lizgriffin is using it now. soory off topic everyone but I do enjoy seeing the festive spirit on the forum.



Can't turn your back for a minute in here Jacquie :o

Love yours (real Christmas if you know what I mean :D )

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