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Left-handed Children

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Maybe I am dreaming but I am sure I read a message recently about a left handed computer mouse.

(that reads as though the mouse has hands! but you know what I mean) but I can't find it now! Has anyone got one??


In my setting we have special scissors for left handed children but nothing else I can think of specifically aimed for left handed children.


Just interested to hear any strategies or equipement anyone may have to help these children

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Hi Geraldine -

I think what might have caught your attention is a discussion on ICT back in the early days of the forum, which mentioned changing the mouse settings to suit left handed people (click control panel and mouse on most computers). It also mentions a 'mini-mouse' which is more suitable for the hands of small children, and gives various links. You can find it here.


Can't think of any others offhand!

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I'm a left hander and I actually find it easier to use the mouse with my right hand and this has always been the case, despite my dad changing the settings for me to use it left handed. I found it awkward to use a mous in my left hand (although maybe that's because I've been used to using it like a right hander would). I have to say it has its advantages as I can surf with my right hand and write down things with my left at the same time!


One left handed piece of equipment that I must suggest is scissors which you have already mentioned. All my life I have struggled with cutting out (even now I'm not brilliant) but I always insist on left handed ones as that makes my bad cutting out much better!

Also, but this is for older children are left handed rulers! They are soooooooooooooo much easier to use when measuring stuff as the numbers go the other way!


Another good one to make sure you do for left handers is never try and teach them to put finger spaces in their work- you try it holding a pencil in your left hand and see how hard it is! Also get them into the habit of turning their paper at a slight angle as it makes it easier to see what they are writing!

Any more things I think of I'll post on here!

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Hi Im another "leftie"


when I was at school there was the "all children must write with their right hands" having an older brother who was forced to switch from left to right I can see the problems it has caused him in his fine motor skills and even now at the age of 35 his writing is still poor.


and yet as a leftie I tend to do as much as I can the same as everyone else with the theory that I wont always have left handed scissors or rulers available but this is my own feelings and any left handed children I work with I encourage them to use their prefered hand


I remember as a child struggling to write neat and hating anything at school to do with writting but someone later in life told me "hold the pen higher up so you can see the page" and this has been one of the best tips for helping with handwriting.


when working with a child who is left handed to teach a skill it helps to sit directly oposite so the child can work in mirror to the right handed person I have to do this so that I dont confuse the right handed children. I remember once going into a reception class and finding three left handed children all sat on one table in a maths lesson they were struggling to use a ruler right handed and they looked so awkward stretching and tying them selves in knots, I think there was a sigh of relief when I showed them how to use the ruler I was a student at the time and I can remember thinking the teacher should of been aware of the problem but she seemed oblivious


but I agree with Nichola there are lots of advantages being able to surf and take notes at the same time is handy and I wonder why right handed people dont start usng the mouse left handed and maximise their skills, now theres a challenge?

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From another leftie!!


I too have no problem with a right-handed mouse but when I was growing up there weren't any left-handed things so we just had to manage with right-handed things (ooh you can hear the violins, can't you?!?!).


With regard to scissors (I use right hand) I have found that although we have left and right handed scissors at pre-school both seem to cut with either hand (if you see what I mean!).


Personally, my main problem at school was having to use fountain pen and getting to the end of a line and finding I had smudged it all! :o

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blotting paper!


pardon I hear you cry???


the problem of smudging ink- give lefties a sheet of blotting paper to put under their hand it will blot the ink before is smudges and cheaper alternative would be a paper towel

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My mother is left handed and when she wanted to learn something new she would copy a right handed person by looking at their reflection in the mirror.

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am also a leftie and agree with all you others, although i will say that i use the right handed mouse in my left hand, cut left handed with right handed scissors, cause i never have leftie ones as a child, and now cant use them. i would love a left handed ruler though, does anyone know where i might find one.

when i was growing up i was more clusy that righte children as things like door handles etc are all set up for righties, this could be a problem for some children.


just as an interesting fact both hubby and me are lefties and our 2 children are righties!!!!

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