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Can anyone help me please?


I have several children in my setting who are seeing the local speech and langauge therapists.


We are being told that we should be doing the Jolly Phonics speech theme with them and that is what they are recommending parents do at home with their children.


We do not do any specific scheme in general as a nursery and I am wary of jumping on this Jolly Phonics bandwagon. I know it exists as there are books galore in the Early Learning Centre. I just wondered whether anyone did this in their setting and if so how they do it and for what reason.


My link school don't do it - they say they do the government scheme (!) but cannot explain that to me. Can anyone else?


Here's hoping please.



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I suppose the gov. scheme is the National Litercy Strategy and their ideas for teaching phonics.


I've never used Jolly Phonics, but lots of people here have and it seems to go down very well. I think like everything, you pick, choose and adapt what you can find to suit the needs of your children.


Good luck. I'm sure you'll be inundated with more useful replies.



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Guest Beryl

We do "Jolly Phonics" in our pre-school. We do a different letter each week and teach the children the action - they really seem to enjoy it.


We usually introduce the letter at registration and reinforce it at circle time by doing different games/activities linked with the letter sound. The children are also encouraged to bring in something beginning with the letter for that week.


Hope this helps! Have fun! :D:D

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