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I am in the process of evaluating our training policy (yet again, I changed my mind xD ) for my FD assessment over the next 3 weeks, and there is a line in there that basically says, staff will be sent on courses in child care at NVQ Levels 1, 2 or 3 as appropriate.


I have never heard of an NVQ Level 1 course, let alone anybody that holds a level 1, so was wondering if there was such a thing and if so, how would a person stand in terms of level of qualification within the nursery? For example, when I started in child care, a level 2 qualified person was a qualified nursery assistant and the level 3 was a senior qualified practitioner (although not necessarily a senior in their setting). Now it seems that this has changed and a level 2 is now called a nursery nurse, as is a level 3 qualified person.


Also, how do Ofsted view the whole qualifications business? If there is such a thing as a level 1 qualification, is it "recognised" by Ofsted?


Sorry, a lot of jumbled questions going on there, but the answers, I am hoping will form part of my evaluation for my module assessment.


Thanks in advance! :o


(Don't think I've ever used that smilie before!)

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level 1's practically unhead of now unless someone had no qualifications or experience. most people would enter at level 2 and do key skills. OFSTED only recognise level 2 and 3, and even then a ratio of how many you should have.


In my experience though, passing the level 2, and doing level 3 doesnt mean the same as it used to, level 3 is a supervisors qualification, but some of the girls who are on it, couldnt organise themselves, never mind a nursery, no initiative and no confidence to get on with things that are done routinely. possibly explains the push for level 4 and EYPS (level 5) now.


I do have some very good staff qualified level2, struggle with explaining themselves in writing, and so stuck in a kind of no-mans land with the level 3, OFSTED make allowances for people like this, and so long as there is confidence in their ability on my part, they can fulfil a level 3 role for the most part.

There must always be at least 1 level 3 on site at all times though.


Hope this helps. :)

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Thanks for that. I was feeling a bit the same, I had never heard of a Level 1 qualification. I did look at Rea's link, but it still didn't ring any bells.


Thanks Rea, Marion and Alis2son for your help!

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