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Hi, weve just had the dreaded phone call, they are coming next tues, & wed!!! Its just 1 inspector.

I was just wondering if anyone had any good weekly plans for maths ( weight -heavy & light). & literacy Postman Pat-

Also I wanted to put extra signs around the classroom & questions around the areas. ( such as post office questions) ( maths questions for heavy & light) ( KUW questions for buildings). Are there any posts which have these types of questions that can be printed out. Or any good websites to look at.

Also, does anyone have any tips on when the inspector asks me questions about the FS. Lots of people are telling me different things & Im getting all confused. ( It doesnt take much!!)

I know Im asking alot but my mind is all over the place. :o

Thank you

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first of all take a deep breath,relax it will be fine im sure.

You dont say what setting so I presume you are reception as you have had notice.

We are a pre-school but when we do the post office (people who help us) we do the following

we set up a role play post office,with scales,labels,wrapping paper,postcards,sticky tpe etc

the children choose a box to wrap and choose enough paper to wrap it,put on a label and then take it over to the p.o. to be weighed and stamped and put in postman pats van (cardboard box,)or bag.

They write their own labels.envelopes,they are counting money and putting their addresses on envelopes(with help)

We have a visit from the postie who comes in uniform and talks about their role and brings in lots of lovely resources.

Have you tried sparkle box he has some lovely resources to download some free

I havent any plans as they are at work but im sure somebody will help you more.

Good luck :)

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Here are some links where you can find signs for your continuous provision: 1, 2. Someone on here also recommended the ELG cards from www.primaryplan.co.uk/.


I'd just say tell the truth, don't sell yourself short and have lots of stuff to hand that supports/proves how good you are. Good luck! :)

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