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Has anyone ever carried out a review / audit of their provision. Our head is keen for us to do this before we have Ofsted. He would prefer that an 'outsider' came in for a more objective view. We don't just want an opinion we want a review based on specific guideline and judgments. However when i asked her she said she had never done one for schools and does not have a format or anything. Has anyone ever done one before and if so would you have a format you would be willing to share.?

Many Thanks

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I'm not quite sure if this is what you mean.... I have recently completed one for our Nursery and found it really constructive. The format is from our LEA and it follows on from the 'Are you ready for Inspection' stuff from Ofsted which you can download from their site if your haven't got it already!

Hope it helps.


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Guest tinkerbell


Each year our HT payed an independent Ofsted inspector (acting as consultant) to come into school for a day and feedback at the end of the day in a staff meeting.He watched each teacher teach and fed back,talked to support staff and children,school council etc.

As Foundation co-ordinator I asked him at lunchtime to take a look at my paperwork.

We never really liked this day but had 5 of them one each year after our ofsted in 2000.Our Ofsted just before the summer holiday was very good, so it must have paid off!


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