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This is my first post on here so please forgive me if I either repeat what someone else has already written or start a new thread and then find the answers on the site somewhere!

I am a Foundation Stage Manager in a Foundation Stage Unit where two classes work in one room with two teachers and a TA.

I have overhauled the planning styles and grids to try to make our lives clearer and also make sure that everything is covered without having to check each week!

Has anyone on here mastered this in their settings? Would you be willing to show me an example of the grids and an example of the Medium term plans so that I can compare them with what I have designed?!

I hope to make more posts on here soon!

I look forward to my replies!

Matt :D

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Hello Matt and a warm welcome to the forum, :D I am based in a preschool so unable to help, only to say that planning is everyones bug bear :o and as you will find continuously developing in most settings.


As you get familiar with the forum you will find many many posts that are planning related, the articles section is also a useful section of the forum for information too. :D


I am sure there will be some useful responses soon, and maybe some clever people will put in links to previous topics which are more specific to FS Units.


Look forward to more of your posts, after you have settled in to this very friendly and informative forum. :D




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Hi Matt, I don't work in a Unit - a reception class with a shared outdoor area with the other reception class.


My planning wouldn' work for you, but what I would say is this - if it works for you and you are happy with it use it!


I have asked for and received lots of advice about planning over the years, but the one thing I have found is that it really does have to work for you in your particular setting and with your children.


By the way, do you only have one TA? Are you a bit under staffed? Because that would obviously affect your planning too.


Good luck! and welcome.

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Hi! Like Marion I've fiddled with my planning since I started in Reception but am happy now...I think! My long term plan is the ELGs which I've typed out in table format so I can see them at a glance. My medium term plan is a pacer with hardly any detail on it but I do put LOADS of detail on my weekly plans. Good luck!



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Hi Matt and Welcome


I would echo Bungalow in saying that finding a planning system that works for you (as a team) is the most important thing


we have spent 18 months adjusting and tweeking our planning and finally I think we have found something that works for us as a sessional preschool (probably no good to you) my biggest mistake was to try to do it on my own, it really needs to be a team effort


I hope you find a solution to your planning and dont worry if it is not perfect first time it takes time to find a system that works well for everyone.

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Matt

Welcome from me too.Planning is always on the agenda here and people are reallly helpful on this site.I teach r/yr1 and am still seeking the perfect plan after 20 plus years!!!!


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Thanks to you all for such speedy and supportive replies! I am amazed at how many people replied so quickly! My planning is basically modelled on the Norfolk style with a few adjustments that suit us, it was really just the reassurance that everyone feels like they are adapting their planning every week!


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