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Can't You Sleep Little Bear


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Can anybody help, i seem to be having problems thinking of ideas for this topic. I thought i could link it in with light and shadows and maybe do a cave with torch's in the homecorner but after this i'm stuck, can someone please point me in the right direction for ideas.

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Hmm off the top of my head. Day and night related activites, star, moon, sun etc. nocturnal and diurnal animals, the street in the day/night. People who work at night.

Sources of light - how we light homes now and long ago. Can you get hold of some lanterns, Wee willy winkie type candle. How do they light their homes- do they have night lights etc?

Make candles, make @d candles as decoration, or candle wax resist. You could make lanterns- perhaps in different sizes. These things would fit in with Xmas decorations. Electrical circuits.

Den or cave role-play- as you say with torches, bed, lamp, rug, bear books, paper, pen, etc.

Learn about real bears- non- fiction and where they live ( not in uk) hibernation- ( hedgehogs in UK)

Bears in stories -Bear rhymes - Pudsey bear :o Make bear biscuits. Size - of 3 bears - of real bears. Polar Bears (10ft) Bear like honey- Have a bear snack time.

Dress a bear game on computer.

White items added to CP in workshop/art area, glitter, small bits of fur fabric, transparent papers, bits of fir tree, cotton wool.


Circle time about what makes them feel afraid and then what makes them feel safe. I always do the two together in that order.

They could make a fear box where they draw or write about something they are afraid of and put it in the box.

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i have read this today as part of our dark/light theme.

we have so far painted with pale and dark paints

made a cave with tent and torches

talked about different lights etc

made black and white playdo,played with it with glitter

made night and day pictures,collage and wax crayons and a black wash

made night sky paintings with lots of printing of stars and diff shapes of moon and glitter

done cress heads and exp with one in a cupboard the other on window sill

danced to sleep music,twinkling like stars

talked about nocturnal animals and lots of stories about night time

role played people who work at night time

making junk beds tomo (also covering shape)

friday having bedtime role play,beds,books,slippers,hot water bottles,teddies and for children in need having a pyjama day

this will then lead into Whatever next for next week and space

We are a pre-school but it can be adapted to reception

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