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Hi all...


have just started 1st year of FD and our first module is child health consisting of


A presentation on a specific health problem (30% of mark)

A Health promotion project (70%)


i have been working on Health promotion today, dont want to be doing it over Christmas :( i know what i've got to do, just dont know how to do it :o


is everyone doing the same sort of thing, sometimes wish i hadn't started xD (it's been a long time since i had to do anything like this)



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Why is it that all the Foundation Degrees are different were not even doing child health unless it comes under child protection? xD:o


Sorry Jo I can't help you, but I know how you feel. xD I too feel overwelmed by my Developing Child 1 module, I just don't know were to start so your not alone. :wacko: :( :rolleyes: I could do my behaviour notes but I need to wait until next week for a couple of weeks then I can do it over christmas. I have a 2000 word study task to do on a policy to do with social and emotional development and linking to cognative and lanuage development. The deadline for this is 18th December 2006, so only a few weeks to do it in. :(:(


Hopefully someone else may come along and help.




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Sorry Joanne I have just started also but our first three modules are completely different to that, I wonder why providers are so different in the content,


I will however empathise with you, I feel lost at times, but some days, like today where we had a speaker on outside play I felt was inspired and I feel totally enthused, ups and downs I suppose, good luck!! :D

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Hi all,

Everyone does seem to be doing different things in their foundation degree in childhood and adolescent studies.

I'm in my first year and doing families, interpersonal communication and child psychology.


Thouroughly enjoying it apart from the essays. Haven't studied for 12yrs and writing an essay using arguments, evidence, conclusion and degree level wording is making me panic. First essay in on 13th.


Very good book we were told to get as our core book is Child Development by laura berk. It is fab and is used alot.

A very good psychology book is 'understanding childrens development' by Smith, Cowie and Blades.


Net xx

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