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Hi Sharon

I have attached the contents page of our staff hanbook. We also have our mission statement on the front inside page. I don't give them copies of all our policies in the handbook, just those that are appropriate for employment-disciplinary procedure, grievance proceure. And those that are all important such as equal opps, safeguarding children. The others they read and sign that they have read them.




Terms and Conditions of Employment

• Hours of work

• Payment of earnings

• Punctuality

• Personal Appearance and Uniform

• Changes in Personal Details


Holidays, Sickness and Other Absences

• Holiday entitlement

• Absence from work through sickness

• Other absences


Policies and Procedures

• List of policies and procedures


Staff Meetings, Training, Appraisals and Reviews


Copies of policies


Telephone numbers

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Guest DeborahF

I agree with all the above - also keep copies of all their staff supervisions and appraisals in their file along with their individual CPD plan, copies of all initial qualification and training certificates, ID and CRB form, references received, staff contract and copies of any letters regarding increase in pay, change to working hours, etc.

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Guest DeborahF

I also used to have a "crib sheet" for staff induction - I gave a copy to the new member of staff to refer to whilst I was carrying out the initial induction regarding health and safety, fire procedure, how to use telephone, procedure when someone came to the door, etc.etc. and I also referred to it to make sure that I didn't leave anything out; the member of staff added notes to hers as we went round if he/she needed to and at the end we both signed both copies to confirm that the induction had been carried out and I kept one copy in the staff file. Does that make sense??? :o

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