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My setting are resubmitting a few Dimensions of the Bristol Standard. One of our areas to focus on in the future is a development plan. However we are really stuggling to give a clear benefit to the children of having a development plan. Any Ideas anyone?


We originally said 'If the future is clear staff can concentrate on the present, giving more attention to children'


This did not meet the criteria that the targets identified for development clearly state the benefits for the children





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depends what is in your development plan...

You do not say which dimension is it 10 as it is a very difficult one to submit with child benefits. Your original statement did not say what a child will gain, and my advice would be to break it down into small areas then discuss each one independently, what will a child gain from it looking form the childrens perspective if you can, try using the phrase 'The child will benefit by.....' at the beginning of the sentence. It does help focus on the child which is at the heart of this accreditation scheme.

It makes it more visible to validators if broken down into small parts, clearly linking benefit to focus.


Better to make focus small target rather than one which can cover a large amount.


Did your letter give any clues as to how you may progress on this, they sometimes do, perhaps ask for help or advice from your mentor,


Good luck with your submission



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