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Help, Very Simple, Free, Nativity Play Needed!


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Does anyone have a very simple, (e.g. with no or very few speaking parts) script for a Nativity play for approx. 15 two to three year olds? Have searched the web but all the plays are too long/complex for our very small pre school!

Any help very gratefully received.

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Hi janeh

Welcome to the forum.

Can you try and make one up yourself? I have done this and fitted appropriate songs into it. I use a simple narrative, with me reading the story, and the older children are dressed up. It works really well as they don't have to remember lines and they don't then clam up on the day.


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Hi - you can have a look at mine if you like!


I'ts really very simple, and does involve all the children of the Pre-school, the 2, 3, and 4 year olds. It is also very short!


We have a stage in our church hall, which we decorate up to look like the stable, and a small room leading off from the main hall.


I stand at the front of the stage (my worst nightmare every year!!!!!!!!) and read the story. The bits in red show when the next children are to come on stage and what they are to say (if applicable.)


I included drummer boys last year for those children who I did not think were going to handle standing on the stage - i.e. they needed to be 'doing' something - keeping their hands busy and themselves occupied !!!!!!!!!!!(rather than chucking straw around etc!)


The really younger ones are twinkly stars, and they come right on at the end and sit in front of the stage on chairs and sing just the one song. It is long enough for them.


I've done this for 5 years now. It is very short and simple, with very little speaking parts. It works really well and you can adjust some parts to the number of children that you have e.g. shepherds, drummer boys/girls, twinkly stars etc. - that way they are all involved. I ask the parents to organise the outfits which they all do quite happily! And of course they just love the play - the parents/grandparents and whoever else they bring along!


One mum said to me last week that "'nothing less than the innkeeper will do for her son", oh well that sort of told me then didn't it !


Oh joy of joys .... here we go again!


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Hi Janeh and welcome.


I have seen something very similar to what Janice has described performed in a Nursery school, slightly older children perhaps but it was delightful. I shall always remember Joseph getting stage fright at the last moment and refusing to take part but his stand in was brilliant! A member of staff read the script and stage directed as necessary!


Good Luck.



Janice, can I book a place??!

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we introduce the story using nativty dolls making sure all the children hear it this way first.It is a very simple nativty story.Then I explain the children are going to dress up and tell the story.

Basically mary and joseph travel to bethlehem together and an innkeeper says theres no room.and shows them the stable where they sit and mary has her baby that night (we used to whip it out from under the chair but that caused to much laughter and the children got embarrassed so we now pass it to mary,who lays him in a manger.the meanwhile shepherds are watchin their sheep when angels appear and tell them about the baby so they all go the stable then a star appears over the stable and the three kings folow it and take presents etcthey place the presents down .During this we sing the simple songs such as twinkle twinkle christma star and finish with we wish you a merry christmas.and jingle bells,we then go on to our rhyme about the presents round the xmas tree which is on the wall and santa got stuck (also on the wall)

I will type it out word for word if you want but tired tonight.you can fill the places with children who dont want to really take part with sheperds,sheep or animals in the stable.you can have as many angels as you wish.The shepherds when sat round the stable play bells to jingle bells.

This works for us becasue the children know the story well,they have practised and all had a go at being someone so not to many probs on the day.

what we did last year which was wonderful was to let the children access the dressing up and props on sessions after the performance and they staged it themselves!Priceless!the children who wre to shy before an audience performed and ofcourse there were those that wanted to be me directing it!!!! :D

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Hi Janeh and Welcome


in the past we have done a song time where the children sit at the front of the hall and sing a few of their favourite songs from our winter/ christmas selection of songs and it has worked well in the past it was very flexible and those children who didnt want to be on the stage could sit with their parents without any problem.


this year I decided we will have a go at a nativity and found the same problems as you looking for somthing that is appropriate, our group is small the children are young and half of them will have stage fright and want to sit by their parents. and there is always an issue of cost!




Thanks Janice, that was a help in giving me some idea of how to do one, I thought about writing my own but didnt know where to start .... or finish!!

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Hi janeh and welcome

I posted a play last year of the Elves and the Shoemaker that has a christmas moral to it. Caring and looking after one another etc. don't know how you would find it as I haven't figured that part of the Forum out yet but I'm sure some one will send you in the right direction.

It was very good just me narrating but the children could join in if they wanted. I'm sure if you do a search it will come up.

I have a mum who is a writer and has written us a new one for this year. we are just starting to look at it with the children when we have got it sorted I will post it on here. Its about toys that want to know the meaning of christmas.

They're good if you don't want to do the normal nativity for religious reasons or for something different

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