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My SENCO attended a course yesterday, run by our Early Years Support Service. As part of it, the delegates were advised to order a copy of a CD called 'Implementing the Disability Discrimination Act in Schools & Early Years SEttings' DFES 0160 2006. She thought it looked excellent, came back all enthused, logged on to teacher net, tried to order it: it came up with a 'you are not allowed' type message. Thinking it was because she was at home, she asked me to try at work, which I did, with exactly the same result. I telephoned then, to be told that it was only available to schools and that the only way I can get one is if the EYSS send me a letter of authorisation, which I then fax to them with the order. I politely expressed my surprise, with early years settings being in the title & the online form saying it was available to voluntary organisations, but the answer was still the same.


The course leaders had emphasised that OFSTED were asking staff questions about the implications of the DDA, & this CD was an excellent tool for staff training!


I've emailed the EYSS to put them in the picture. The only thing I can think is that the CDs are supposed to be distributed by them to settings, but that's not been stated either by them or the person I spoke to at teachernet.


To be honest I feel we're being discriminated against!

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