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I am doing the early years degree and intend looking at embedding ict across all lessons.

I need to relate this to policy. I have the harnessing technology document but need to trace it back.

My lecturer said it would probably come from raising awareness or raising achievement. is that from the national curriculum and are they national policy?


sorry for so many questions



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thanks for your help janet,


I have got the document. Although some say there isn't a national policy, ICT is part of the National Curriculum which is natioal policy.


It's all so confusing!

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ICT is included in both The National Curriculum and Curriculum guidance for the foundation stage and these are both statutory.

The Harnessing Technology document is the scheme of how ICT can be used effectively to inform and advise citizens, support children, young people, and adult learners in their encounters with the system and for transforming the experience of learning.

Hope this helps. Janet

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