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I'm interested to hear what you guys put up for parents to read each week. Do you put up the weekly planning, medium term or long term ?


We currently don't show the full weekly planning on the parents notice board, however they could see it on the wall in the hall if they were observant or nosey enough! :D We do put up an activity/objective summary though.


What did ofsted say about the info you give for parents................ We haven't had our inspection yet..........



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hi again,


we must face the same problems as i keep seeing your posts.


we have a notice board in the foyer. It shows are long term, meduim term and weekly/ daily planning.


We also put out a whiteboard daily to tell parents about what the children have been doing that day. We stand the board outside so they read it when they have to wait till i unlock, otherwise if its in the foyer they dont bother to look as their in to much of a hurry. I also tell the parents daily what they have been doing as we have some parents with reading difficulties.


We also have home diaries, so indivdual information can be noted for parents to read at home. They can also put comments into the diary.


We too havent had ofsted yet, but our kitemark accreditation mentor and link teachers love it.


Although we do all this, very few parents are interested, those who are can come into setting to speak to me if they want more details.


And It does show you are working in partnership with parents.



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It is hard to get some parents to take an interest. I put the weekly plan up each day.I find they are often too rushed to take it in so some weeks I do a mini plan for the week and stick it in the childs news book. Sometimes it is probably hard for parents to absorb info at 8.45 and remember it all day. When I don't have time, like this weekend each keyworker will do a brief obs on 1 activity each day on their children and write it in the childs news book.

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we too have a notice board with medium and short term plans on for the half term.

Medium plans also go into newsletters for parents to read - if they can be bothered.

Then we have a laminated board up which again tells them what the topic of the week is and letters/shapes/numbers etc....

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