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I know this question has been posed before about a Gifted and Talented Policy, but today we received some documentation from Osiris Educational.


They state:


"No school will have even a satisfactory rating from OfSTED without specific programmes for gifted and talented children"


They are trying to sell rather pricey courses, but also state that these courses are for nursery teachers as well as reception.


Has anyone got a gifted and talented policy?


I have done a search of the forum for one, but although it has been spoken about a lot, I cant find an example.


Surely, what the key-worker does with their children facilitates gifted and talented children by extending opportunities and activities?


Many thanks

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Guest DeborahF

I work in an LEA Nursery and we have had a lot of information recently about providing for Gifted and Talented children - I wonder if the stipulation for such a policy is aimed just at LEA provision - certainly when I had my own private nursery I didn't hear anything about it and there is nothing in the National Daycare Standards relating to such a policy being necessary.


I'll check at school and see if I can find out any more information.

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We are a preschool. One of our staff went on a course about the able child and came back full of enthusiasm. She was told that we should have a policy on the able child. We adapted our Special needs policy rather than writing a new one for gifted children. We tend to make special provision for a gifted, talented or able child in a very similar way to the way we do for a child with special needs.


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