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I understand that it is important that planning is informed by observations but am confused as to how to show this on plans. I keep being told that it should be hilighted on plans why that activity is being carried out but what does this mean the plans look like in practise? I'm new to pre school and am trying to get my head around it all. Please help!!

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What I do is highlight the learning intention for the week and then match that colour with a dot to the activity or toy that I am getting out to cover that intention. I also write in the box whether it is child led c/l (from next step sheets) adult led a/l from mid term plan or group lead g/l something we are getting out for example because there are a load of boys in and to stop them charging about the cars come out to occupy them.


Does that help?



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Thanks for that. It has helped a bit!


What do othe people do? It's documenting how a particular activiity has been planned for all the children but actually links to an observation on a particular child last week that i am struggling with.

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Hi karen, I used a daily planning sheet which had a box for focus children, those who I thought would benefit mostly from the activitiy or those who I knew were interested in that particular thing that week. Each childs observation sheet would give more details as to why. :D

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Sounds like you are talking about specifically child led planning, do you have next step sheets for your children? Where you decide how to move them on to the next step this plans the toy / activity you will get out specifically for that child, but the whole group can use?


We dont as a group show our child led planning on a group wide sheet, we just mark it on the weekly plans that it is child led and then refer back to the next step sheets for the planning.


Am I helping or confusing you?

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I have attached my format. It is a bit difficult to explain. I have two groups of children yellow = BTTM and red = FSC.


I make my own planning book,

page 1. 1st attachment - list of names and room to write comments. below the list are the days of the week and a space to write a particular plan for a particular child for that day ( a plan that others can access and links with our LTP.


page 2. 2nd attachment. continuous provision plan. one column shows adult initiated plans within the play areas within this column I also write the title for the plan which follows a specific childs plan. another column we write retrospectively what activities children have accessed / asked for.


I have given an example on the attachments for a child called Ethan.

We don't write a plan for every child but ensure all childrens interests and development steps are planned for over a period of a term. The childs plan does not always have to be adult led activity.


Now the confusing bit.


the example given shows the child activity plan on the same page as the notes of childrens interests, however interests are noted one week and the childs plan is then recorded on the following weeks sheet, so really you would see


notes on child interest in cutting on week 1 sheet,

child activity plan on week 2 sheet

continuous provision week 2 sheet showing spider display under creative.

You could do the childs next step plan within the same week ie ethan shows cutting interest on monday, plan to extend on the Thurs.


I carry plans on to the following week because this gives me time to inform parents what we are doing, and if need be get additional resources.


ie: a few children this week have been showing a lot of interest in animals ( even though we have had a tent den for scary story time the children during free play have role played and used the tent like a kennel, so, next week we plan to follow this interest and need to collate resources for this child led change of topic.


hope this helps.






depending how it opens on the second attachment you may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see where ethans interest in cutting and his need to develop this skill has been included in the planning under the creative area of the currculum plan.







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