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Hi, I've completed the first year of my FD but was unable to continue due to my husband's redundancy. I contacted OU who advised me to use the 120 Level 1 CAT points towards an open degree and to choose a curriculum subject as this would boost my chances of eventually getting on a PGCE course. I am quite interested in the English courses but am still not sure if I would be better off trying to get their degree in Childhood and Youth Studies as it is more relevant to my current work (also teach underpinning knowledge for NVQ CCLD at local college).


The English degree would be fantastic for teaching options as it would mean I could either go into primary or secondary teaching. But, I feel that childhood and youth studies would be the easier option purely because I work in that environment.


Is anyone out there working towards the childhood and youth studies degree?


If I did it I would be looking to do E123 (Level 1) at the same time as U212 (Level 2) - do you think this is do-able?


Any advice would be appreciated - I'm just going round and round in circles at the moment...

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I am just coming to the end of my Foundation Degree with the OU having studied part time since February 2003.


E123 was the first course I studied and it was fine :D


I have not done U212 as it was an optional course and I chose the alternative. However, I have heard nothing but glowing reports about U212.


With regard to studying the two courses alongside each other this really depends on study time you have available. E123 is level 1 worth 30 pts and U212 is a level 2 worth 60 points.


As a rough guide the OU recommend that 60 points of study equates to 18 hours of study time a week. It isn't only a question of actual time available as you need to bear in mind that studying two courses will probably involve 'clashes' where tutorial dates and/or cut off dates for assignments for both courses will be the same!


Having said that I did E124 and E243 alongside each other and with a bit of jiggling it worked out OK :D


Sorry I can't be more help but the OU are excellent at giving advice and it may be worth giving them a ring to discuss your intentions. Good luck :D

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Thanks for your replies.


I have decided to stick with childcare and get an open degree but study the L2 and L3 courses specified in the Childhood and Youth Studies degree. After doing my extra 240 points I can decide if I actually want the named degree and, if so, will do the 2 compulsory level 1 courses.


I don't want to teach secondary, and I doubt I ever will, so a curriculum degree in a named subject isn't absolutely essential. This way, I'm still keeping my options open so I can either get on a primary PGCE or go for the EYPS.


Think I have it sorted in my head now :o

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