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Classroom Area Signs With Objectives


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Hi everyone, hope you're all relaxed after the holiday.

Hoping that some kind soul can help me out...

I teach year 1 and we're trying to implement transition ideas as fully as we can. I now have specific areas in my classroom etc. Our Early Years Advisor has suggested I display learning objectives for each area (both using FS guidance and NC) to show what children can be learning in each area. I already have some, but they only show one subject (e.g. reading area is all CLL or Lit), but I need mine to be cross-curricular.


Just wondered if anyone had either already developed something along these lines or knows a website that has to save me a lot of time and effort!


Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for all your help and advice - I knew I could turn to you guys for help!


I've 'had a go' at my maths area - could some very kind people have a look at it and give me some very honest feedback. Its the only one I've done yet, so I can incorporate your comments into the others I need to do.


Thank you to whoever did the original work on this - I hope you don't mind that I've pinched your format, but I really liked it!


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions - please be honest! :)


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