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Hope you are all enjoying half term, although not had much rest so far! term is whizizng by !!


I am trying to plan my reception class assembly and although we have lots to show I wanted to be a bit more creative in presenting it to the whole school. However I'm stuck! also diffiult with how mauch children can do. Our topic has been fairytales. Sometime ago I though i saw a play posted on the forum but can't remember where.

Can any one help and inspire me???


Thanks. S

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Year one did something similar last year, and they did Mr Wolf's 'this is your life' bringing on hte characters from the story one by one and asking them questions about their exp of Mr wolf - it was hilarious!! don't know if this is any help at all, but all i acould think of and could be adapted to suit younger children different stories etc. Our children hadn't acually got any ecperience of the real show themselves, nevertheless, the format was easy for them to pick up on and it was a big success.

Good luck with whatever you do!


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Been racking my brains all day on this one. Assemblies are a pet hate and Im still devoid of inspiration.

If you work out what you have done and what you have to show, Im sure you will find a way to link it all. Presumably this is the first reception experience and Im sure some songs and rhymes and pics to show would go down well and not be too traumatic for anyone?

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Keep it simple! In my experience Reception always have the aah factor so even if it is rubbish or goes wrong it doesn't matter!

How about showing a few pictures of fairy tales and singing a song? Did you do 'There was a princess long ago' you know with the ending 'and everybody's happy now, happy now etc.' mine love it and I think the tweenies do it too! Lots of actions, audience participation, etc. Audience participation may be a good idea, I have used the older children to 'help reception sing' if they know the words ever since I sang a solo of '5 little speckled frogs' a couple of years ago when my class got stage struck! :o

Every now and then someone reminds me of it in the staff room! xD

Good Luck

Liz x

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