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Coverage Of The Ss's & Elg's


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As the FS co-ordinator I am looking to ensure that myself in Reception and the Nursery teacher are sufficiently covering each stepping stone and ELG throughout the year. I was thinking of putting together a table with the SS's and EL:G's accross the top and then we can write in each HT we cover a certain one. However though I'd check whether anyone has already done something similar to save me some time??!!



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Hi Emma -

I'm not sure whether these are in the right table form for what you want, but have a look at these:


Stepping stones charts


Also, we did an article back in the olden days that describes some methods of recording and observing, with downloadable forms. They're more geared towards a nursery setting but you might find it useful - just here.


Hope they help! :)

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Hi EmmaJane. I'm in Reception and mostly plan towards the ELG themselves, and then some of the SS which I think are necessary to the ability / stage of my children or where it is not always clear in the ELGs themselves. For example, in MD I include the Green SS 'Order two items by length or height' as the corresponding ELG just says 'Use language such as ‘greater’, ‘smaller’, heavier’ or ‘lighter’ to compare quantities'. However, I don't view all of the SS as being learning Objectives in themselves or they are just part of the bigger picture (ELG). We do assess against the SS though (not all - the key ones).


For each MTP, I list the ELG and then highlight the main ones I will be focusing on that term (although will include others at the time if relevant - and still highlight these on the plan). I then have a column next to the ELGs (grouped in apsects) where I can add any relevant SS. I tick off the main ones I am focusing on on a grid which show me which ones have not been focused on at all / which ones have been covered several times. I'm sure there are better ways but this works for me.


Not sure if this is helpful or not. :)


P.S I've included a sample of the MTP so you can see.


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As I understand the stepping stones are the cumulative bits of learning that go together to help a child achieve their learning goal. Some children will cover some but not all and they give an indication of progress. I therefore check coverage of the Early learning goals only by ticking ones covered by the teacher planned activities. I then consider whether what is not ticked needs a focus or whether it is truly covered through ongoing activities and every child is having some kind of access.

I just use a sheet with the E.L.G's on and tick a different colour for each half term. It becomes very apparent what needs to be covered and can be planned for. Then I just plan and go with the children. I found that a long term plan with which E.L.G.s to cover when a bit artificial for my liking as we are supposed to plan for the children's needs and each lot of children you get through can be different. I know that this may work well for somethough. I would just find an already made sheet with the E.L.G's printed on and use it if I were you. I find that this is enough for me.

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