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Hi everyone


Does anyone have any really lovely science activities that they have done in nursery that the children have really enjoyed. I am a PGCE trainee trying to prepare for my next observation. I would really appreciate any advise from any of you hard working nursery practitioners!



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Some of the simple ones are the ones the children enjoy most.........

watching puddles evaporate (make your own puddle if none available)

changing shadows depending on the time of day

testing the trolls bridge to see which material/design is strongest

testing materials to make the bear a waterproof coat

finding which things stick to magnets

pushes and pulls

friction .......how far a toy car will travel on different surfaces (use a ramp)


smell sniff pots and a blindfold

taste different flavour crisps/ sweet and sour tasting fruit etc

touch feely bag or box

hearing matching the sound to the objects on the table/in the circle depending on group size







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Haven't read links so sorry if repeating but...


vinegar and bicarbonate of soda volcanoes


On sunny days, leave objects on sugar paper in sun so paper fades and leaves a sillhouette of object.

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ooooh I like that idea!


We had salt in trays for mark making today and where it was sparkling it reminded me of salt crystals we did at senior school. make a 'saturated solution' and leave it to evaprate and it should leave crystals behind. Not a five minute job but good for an ongoing project....


As is hte age old planting seeds then putting them in different environments to see which grows best - in the dark, in the light, with water, without water....

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Guest Praesus Infelix

Warning - former scientist alert - Pretty much everything can be science activity if you explain the cause behind the effect. My kids are still fascinated by a clear bottle half filled with coloured water and topped up with baby oil (you need a good firm stopper). Yeast, cakes, paper aeroplanes, boats (filled with heavy stuff that sinks ), sandpaper, mixing paint, prisms & coloured lighting gels (which change the colour of white light like sweet wrappers), helium balloons. We have a couple of kids encyclopaedias which have plenty of stuff that can be adapted for youngsters.

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We made balloon rockets, attached a string from one side of pre-school to another, made a tube from paper and attached a blown up balloon then let it go, kids loved it. we also did egg marbling, eggs in food colouring, left overnight, amazing results following morning

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Put a raisin in a see-through cup and add fizzy water. Watch in awe as your raisin gathers bubbles, rises to the top, bubbles burst and the raising sinks to the bottom again, only to start all over again.

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