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What Does A Deputy Preschool Manger Do?


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Hi guys, I have just been told that I am going for an interive for a deputy preschool manager postion :D I have the Job spec and description but I would also like to find out what they really do, and what type of questions they will ask me. :wacko: On the basis that every interview I have been to recently has asked varied questions and now my minds gone a bit foggy!! :(:(:oxD


I would just like a real person to discribe what they do in this role. seeing it on paper is just not the same as someone discriping the role. :(



Thanks in advance




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Basically, beth, they are there so that someone's in charge when the Leader's not available, also to support the leader! So - in my experience, anyway, they can be expected to do (and be able to do) everything the leader does, as well as everything the assistants do (as is true of a Leader). And take the responsibilty!!


Any help?



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We have just interviewed for a deputy and the winning candidate was computer literate, willing to attend fundraising events, kept up-to-date on new legislation. enthusiastic about planning and implementation of activities, willing to try new ideas and not afraid to ask when she didnt know something!


I am also a deputy and I am in charge of arranging all the children in to key groups (no mean feat with 72 kids), being up-to-date on legislation and then passing it on to all other staff, varying admin duties such as the christmas party letters etc etc but that all depends on how much the supervisor is willing to delagate!?

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