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Childminders Magazine?


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Does anyone know if there is a magazine aimed at childminders? Have come across Nursery World and Nursery Education but wondered if there was any more specific... :o

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There is a monthly magazine called "Practical Professional Child Care" which covers all those working with children. They do have sections that particularly relate to childminders and nannies.

I pick up a copy at whsmith but you can get through post at www.professionalchildcare.co.uk

Hope that helps


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Guest DeborahF

There's Practical Professional Childcare, published by Step Forward publishing - the same company that do Practical Preschool. The copies I've seen have had plenty of articles very relevant to childminders.

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I find practical proffessional childcare excellent. It is for all childcarers but has alot of articles about childminders. It has activities in it focusing on birth to three and for older children. This months edition has a two page article about male childminders. there website is www.professionalchildcare.co.uk


sorry about the last i did not read the other inputs. we obviously all agree on the same thing though

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I got my first copy of 'creative steps' last month - projects for 0-11 year olds - very relevant to childminders, user friendly, using stuff we all have lying around, loads of stuff to make for different festivals and celebrations - it's 2 monthly and wasn't expensive




Sarahx :o

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hi every1,


my Early Years Team (Blackpool) has a mag every 4mths or so and guess what....


i have submitted a few pages and there i am in print how cool is that lol


first was about BSSP (BLACKPOOL SURE START PARTNERSHIP) which i am a member representing childminders in blackpool north,


2nd about partnership working within EYFS its sort of a page or two from my diary how a fab local pre-school



HELPED me with CLL as i was to work with a child over the holidays with SEN ,

i had 2 days to meet him and to find out his needs, SO the school let me in the nursery on their last day, to observe and ask questions so i was better prepared to care for him,


sorry im going on but if your local area has a mag why not send in a piece about you and your setting, im sure they will publish it and make a good talking point esp if linked with EYFS,,


just had to share hope you enjoyed xxx

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