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I am feeling a bit bogged down lately with all the books (childcare and non childcare) that I have loaded all around my house. Simon goes mad everytime I bring a new one home, so was wondering if anyone would like to get involved with book swapping?


I can't bring myself to get rid of them and I've read most of my collection 2 or 3 times now.


Not quite sure how to work it though. Was thinking of writing a 'catalogue' of all the books I have and attaching later (feeling poorly today, and need energy to go through them all!) and then if anyone is interested in any of them, you can PM me with your address and I can send them on.


What do you think? It's just an idea that I thought might appeal to other readers. I really need to clear some of them out to make way for my increasing uni collection :o .

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Ok, well having bored myself rigid with coursework research (yawn) I have written the first list of many :o but these are the ones I have immediate access to and can post from tomorrow. The rest are in a number of boxes dotted around the place so when I'm feeling a bit better, I'll dig them out and write another list for you all to have a look at.


If you want to join in, PM me with a name and address and I can start sending or if you would like to contribute a list then please do so!


Please note, that most of them are 'chick-lit' books as all the other ones are stored. I have a number of James Patterson if anyone would like, but again, that involves digging them out and list writing. I think there's over 20 of them... xD


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Just to let you know that 3 of the themes books have been leant out but if you need them in the meantime, let me know! :)


People Who Help Us




The World Around Us

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Here's my list (gave a load to charity recently so don't have many at the moment:


Peter Robinson - all of his collection;

Marian Keyes - Under the Duvet;

Lionel Shriver - We need to talk about Kevin;

Jonathan Kellerman - Devils' Waltz; The Conspiracy Club; Therapy;

Dan Brown - Angels and Demons;

Dominic Holland - Only in America;

Kathleen Tessaro - Elegance;

Tony Parsons - The Family Way;

Adele Parks - Husbands.


Hopefully Santa will bring some more!!


Also have guide books to California, Cote d'Azure, Berlin (never been!), Paris (never been!) and Dubai (HIGHLY recommended!)

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