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I have filled in the sef on the back of are you ready for your inspection but don tfeel it is detailed enough has anybody got one I could look at?Also did you go for satisfactory,good or outstanding?I have gone for satisfactory but you know when i have thought again we are good in all areas (our last inspection showed this as well so why am I afraid to say so)Should i chamge it? :o

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Im not sure if its true but we were told if you assess yourself as satisfactory and they think youre good you will only be awarded satisfactory not good!


I don't think that is true, i put us as satisfactory on our SEF but we got good from ofsted. :D

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we put satifactory for one outcome but got outstanding for that area !!


We used Peggys form found here to show our reasoning and evidence of our choices. we tweaked it a bit to work for us, and we have since had a similar one from out early e years team, but so far have stuck to peggys!!



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