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Inspection Over!


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Ofsted turned up for us on Wednesday. we knew it was going to be this term because she had come the first week of the new term but because we only had two children due to staggered starts (we are a college nursery) she said she couldn't do the inspection but would come back this term before Christmas. It was a relief to be honest as every day you keep thinking is today the day.

She observed our funded children one day then came back on Thursday and looked at paperwork and went back into the pre=school area then a short time was spent in the toddler area. I explained to her that I have only been manager for 12 months and that we had problems with our planning as we have had two early years advisors telling us different things, I had actually had the advisor in the previous week and we were in the process of changing the planning again for after half term. She said she thought we were actually putting to much detail on our planning!! But I showed her an focus activity sheet I had was working on and she said that was all we needed. She also said we needed to increase our Child led time ( early years said we had to be more structured and timetable child led! ) so we were very confused! We now basically are going back to how our day used to run 5 years ago with adult led running alongside child led and physical.

We got Good for keeping children healthy and for keeping children safe but Satisfactory overall she said we were the upper end of satisfactory though so that's good news. We still have a lot of work to do as we have to get the planning running properly and make sure our developmental records link to the Early learning goals, She said our records were more detailed than they needed to be, but they didn't always ling up properly.

On the positive side she loved my operational plan which I started from scratch when I took over last October she loved the atmosphere and she said our children were really happy, and the room was colourful and the staff all looked like they genuinely cared about the children and wanted to be there. I found her very approachable and she was quite happy for me to ask her questions.

I am so glad it is over before half term, I can now concentrate on my final year of my Foundation degree!



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Well done Milly, have a rest oh and then start your FD work!! :o


Good luck :D:D with the rest of your course at least you don't have the big O to stress you out for a while.






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well done lovely feeling when its over isnt it? :)

We are having ours on tuesday xD

we last had one 18 months ago but have to have one with our local school now cos we are in their grounds(altho completley seperate) :o

I must admit im not as nervous as last time as it was my first time as supervisor then but am worried that im not worrying enough sometimes!!


Im busy just re-reading past post of ofsted and updating op plan etc

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