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Help Short Notice Observation Tomorrow!


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My head has been on a course today and has just rung to say he will be observing me tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock in preparation for setting performance management targets next week. He would like to observe a phonic session. I have got my input sorted but am a bit stumped when it comes to my focus. Was going to have 1 group making our sonds of the week using playdough as a related activitity. I am stumped as to what i can get the focus group to do. I want it to be hands on and exciting. Any ideas please help!!


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Our focus sounds this week are r, m, d although in my input i am going to cover last weeks sounds aswell which were c, e, h. The sessions lasts for 1 hour was going to have an input of roughly 10 - 15 mins then the focus activity and should have mentioned it's with a reception class

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It sounds like your class are whizzing past mine - we are managing 2/3 sounds a week but they can't seem to manage if I focus on more than one for the focused activity. We aren't doing a literacy hour yet either - Here's some ideas though...hope they help

Phonic skittles - sellotape sound onto skittle, lower ability -children say sound only, middles -say sound/something beg with sound, higher - as lower+mids + attempt to write sound/word


Coloured sand in shallow tray + dice with focus sounds - roll dice and write sound with finger, shake clean once done for next turn


Phonic bingo


Water tray - plastic ducks/fish with sounds stuck on base

Sand - sound buckets? stick sounds on base of buckets and arrange in order of simple CVC words


Sound Shop - role play shop which sells objects beginning with focus sounds only, children could have a 'r' shopping list, a 'c' list,etc and buy things that begin with their sound



Let me know if you need any more ideas and I'll have another think!

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Some brilliant ideas kermit21, i will also be pinching some of them - thanks!!




oops - meant to say, good luck lola, i'm sure you will be fab!


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Sorting objects by initial sound? (I use paper plates with the target letter written on)

Magnetic letters with CVC pics to spell

Playing with sounds talking books on the computer? (from the CD in the file)

Board game - say a word or find an object to match the letter you land on (you can download a simple blank board here)

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