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Having just got a job as supervisor on a playbus serving in rural Norfolk, I have been informed that we are in need of funds{desperatly} Anyone have an idea? An Easter activity that we can do at Easter, or the run up to Easter on the Bus??????????


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we also do lots of fundraising...


Our biggest and best was last November when we did an aution we raised over £1000.00 and it was fantastic. People donated items, did make overs, haircuts etc and i wrote to lots of companys and got free tickets etc to auction off. :o

Other things we do are sponsered events like obstacle courses, growing the biggest bean stalk, fates and fairs, and the easiest of all is to buy the small boxes of smaties send them home for the children to eat and then asked for them to be filled with 20P pieces - this is very popular, not time consuming and brings in lots of money.

Hope this helps :)

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