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Committees As Employers - Help!


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I am supervisor of a preschool and we are run by a committee. I can't find any rules on what they should do and what staff should do in terms of recruitment. Our applications go to the chair but she asked the staff to shortlist as we knew what we needed - makes sense! The committee officially interview with staff on the panel to advise but they have looked to us to set the questions - again, makes sense. In theory the committee have the final say on who is employed but there haven't been any problems with that yet. But if the people on the interview panel disagreed with the staff - who would legally get the final say?

Also - promoting staff. In the past the previous supervisor decided who the various co-ordinators and deputy etc were. Is this ok? It makes sense to me that it is the supervisor's job to er supervise! Our current committee are telling us to change from rolling snack back to set times and have quibbled about staff roles too.


Anybody know hte actual PLA ruling on this?

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hi we are a commiuttee run group, again applications for jobs go to the chair then chair myself (supervisor) and deputy interview and decide between us. we have never had an issue if we didnt agree but if we did i would take it to the whole commitee. i as supervisor i decide on job co ordinators too, If committee are telling you to change snack time put it to them the benifits of it, why do they want it changed if it works..stick to your guns you know the children and what is best for them ....PLa will be able to give you guidance on these issues though, let me know as i would be interested to hear the outcome..... :)

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Hi all,

We are a committee ran playgroup and as the last post describes this is how we do things aswell. Us playgroups need the committee to operate & run as we all well know. The committee members at every group do a great job but some times they can lack the experience and knowledge that the staff have worked hard to gain. The committee & staff relationship needs to be a two way thing with each group working together, sharing ideas, disscussing issues & listening to each other, when a link breaks down it puts extra stress on every one. I think the committee do have the last say as they are the top of the tree!! All you can do is give them the evidence to support your way of doing things and make a strong case. Have your committee done any training? We are PLA members aswell, may be a support worker could visit and support every one. Our support worker also breifs the committee on their roles. This is great as they take more notice from some one other than me going on and on. Hope all goes well for you!!

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Quote from minutes...


"Snack time – The committee don’t like the present situation with the change to snack time since OFSTED observed. It was designed to give children their independence but we feel that the children aren’t drinking enough because all they want to do is play and not stop for snack or a drink. There is no structure to the new plan that children are given a free reign at snack time and sometimes there are children not even stopping for snack because there is no set time that tells them they should stop for a drink even if they don’t want food.

Action: Staff need to tell children when to have their snack and tell them to have a drink even if they do not want snack."


Staff haven't as yet been TOLD this officially but various committee members have told us that they want their child made to drink.

Er how?

Their objection is that given a choice children will play rather than eat snack.... not in our experience!


Anyway that was more of a whine from me, I really want to know about the promoting and assigning roles question.

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The Committee are the employers, therefore they are responsible for employment matters, including internal promotions etc, however, they also give the supervisor / staff a contract and job description, if the job description say's Supervisor / staff to follow Ofsted national standards, FSC and policies, then this puts the onus on employees to do the job they are trained for, including planning and supervising for the snacks.

Committee's can also state on job description that certain staff are involved in recruitment process, appraisals etc.


The committee are however ultimately responsible for who is employed.


I would observe who uses the snack bar and when, encourage children who haven't had a drink ( I normally say, "who wants a drink before we close the snack bar" just before lunch and anyone thirsty, 'remembers' and comes along for a drink . Give the committee a copy of your observations, then ask what time does their child have 'formal' snack during the weekend? ( no sorry, ignore that last comment, tongue in cheek) :o


If no joy, as others have suggested ask the local development worker for advice.



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